Why should you consider a crane sign for your next construction project?

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Mesh banner on tower of crane with CollecDev branding

When advertising on cranes, the message can be seen from great distances, making crane signage a powerful advertising medium for construction companies. Here are 3 ways your next project could benefit from a crane sign.


First, crane signs can be used as a smart branding method. Mesh banners can be imprinted with your logo or a custom message and attached directly to the crane for maximum visibility. Mesh banners are a cost-effective solution and one of the most popular crane signage options available on the market.


Second, crane signs can be a practical method for easy identification. Mesh banners can be placed on the tower of the crane with functional messages such as Crane A or Crane B for workers to quickly and efficiently identify while on site.

Making a statement

Finally, crane signs can be used to make a statement. Channel letters can be securely installed to the boom tail to make a bold statement. For increased night time visibility, the channel letters can be LED lit for 24-hour exposure.

Considering a crane sign for your next construction project can significantly increase brand exposure, make a statement or simply assist workers in identifying different cranes. At Arteest Signs, we specialize in crane signage for construction sites. We would love to answer any questions related to marketing on crane signs if you email us at info@arteest.ca.