Understanding the different types of crane signage

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Mesh banner on tower of the crane

Crane signage is a popular advertising medium in the construction industry. The signs are safely attached directly to the crane for increased visibility and brand awareness. We often get asked what are the different types of crane signs? The two most common types are mesh banners and channel letters. Here are some of the main differences between them.

Mesh banners

First, mesh banners are primarily used on the tower of the crane. The banners are generally engineer approved for safety and securely tied off to the crane while allowing air flow through the mesh material. Mesh banners can be used for identification of different cranes on the construction site (e.g.: crane A and B or crane 1 and 2) or for branding purposes. Imprinting mesh banners with the company logo or a custom message is a common advertising strategy used by many construction companies.

Channel letters

Secondly, channel letters are typically placed on the boom tail. They can be LED lit for night time visibility, having a higher visual impact than mesh banners. With channel letters, the message is completely customizable to fit the needs of the project. An engineer would typically approve the drawings to ensure that the channel letters are safely installed on the crane.

The two different types of crane signage can be an effective advertising medium as well as a practical method to distinguish cranes on the construction site. At Arteest Signs, we specialize in crane signage for construction sites and would love to chat with you about the different types of crane signs. Email us at info@arteest.ca with your questions.