Safety best practices for crane signs

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Crane signage with the letter C printed on a mesh banner and attached to the tower of the crane

Crane signs are a powerful advertising method for many developers and construction companies. When working with your next crane sign supplier, it is important to keep in mind a few safety best practices to ensure your sign is secure. We compiled three safety best practices for crane signage.

Zip ties

First, zip ties are an essential component in considering the safety of the sign. Wind represents a huge risk factor, especially since the sign is exposed to high altitudes. Zip ties may come in many forms and at different price points. We recommend working with a supplier who chooses the highest quality zip ties on the market to prevent the sign from coming loose and potentially endangering workers or the public.

Engineer approval

Second, crane drawings must always be reviewed by an engineer. This step is important in making sure that the design of the crane sign is feasible and that the installation can safely proceed.

Accurate sizing

Third, the crane sign must be accurately measured with no room for error. This is an essential step that can avoid workplace incidents caused by the sign coming loose.

When planning your next crane signage project, keeping in mind the three safety best practices can help avoid health and safety incident in the long term. At Arteest Signs, safety is our number one priority. Email us at to get your next crane sign project started.