Meet our sister company: Greenloc Environmental Hoarding

Arteest Signs Ltd.Greenloc Hoarding

Greenloc Environmental Hoarding creates a pedestrian walkway at Windmill Development's The Plant project in Toronto.

We are very pleased to announce our new company, Greenloc Environmental Hoarding. For the past 47 years, Arteest Signs has focused extensively on signage, printing and vehicle graphics. Now it’s time for a change as we decided to expand our business in new markets. In 2017, we had the opportunity to introduce an exciting, industry-changing hoarding system to the North American construction industry.

What is Greenloc Hoarding?

Greenloc is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction hoarding enclosures made of plywood or drywall. With large amounts of construction and demolition waste going into the landfill every year, Greenloc aims to address the need for a reusable, recyclable alternative that can be salvaged at the end of the project.

How we serve our customers

Our team has extensive knowledge in the printing industry, which enables us to offer you a one-stop shop solution for your construction hoarding needs. Starting with installation, artwork design and in-house printing, we are fully committed to managing your project from start to finish. Arteest Signs and Greenloc are joined together under one management team and we are fully committed to servicing you with the same level of outstanding customer service. We thank you for the continued support. For more information on Greenloc, please visit