How to prepare for Earth Day at the office

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Make sure to prepare your office for the 46th annual Earth Day on April 22, 2016. Earth Day is all about spreading awareness regarding troubling environmental issues and taking action in order to make a positive difference. Read more about Earth Day in Canada.

Don’t let it go unnoticed – every manager and business owner should take advantage of this event to get their employees involved in green initiatives. You don’t have to go out of your way by spending thousands of dollars or planning elaborated events. Continue reading below and we’ll show you how to spend Earth Day at the office without breaking the bank.

Doing business while keeping it green does not have to be an idealistic idea – you should know that making a difference in our environment happens in small, practical steps.

How to prepare for Earth Day at the office – 10 ideas your employees can actually implement:

1. Cut down on paper usage:

  • Always print on both sides of the paper;
  • Store information on electronic devices, rather than paper files. Use instead: USBs, portable hard drives or CD’s.
  • Include a brief message under your email signature encouraging people to only print the email if necessary;
  • Replace your printed marketing materials with USB’s or CD’s.
Cut down on paper usage at the office by using a bamboo USB
A good way to cut down on paper usage at the office is to store information on bamboo USBs rather than paper files.
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2. Your laptop/computer:

Save energy by setting your computer to go on stand-by or sleep mode while you’re at lunch and always turn it off at the end of the work day.

Save energy at the office by turning off your laptop or computer
To save energy, don’t forget to turn your laptop or computer off.

3. Your printer:

Recycle your printer cartridges or refill them, rather than throwing them in the garbage. Staples offers a great rewards program for every recycled cartridge.

Celebrate Earth Day at the office by recycling printer cartridge.
Don’t throw away printer cartridge when you can recycle it.

4. Greener alternatives than driving to work:

  • Carpool;
  • Ride the bike (if the weather allows);
  • Take the bus;
  • Telecommute when it’s not necessary to be at the office.
A greener alternative to driving is the using the TTC.
This Earth Day, use the TTC to get to work.

5. Replace standard light bulbs with LED

Energy saving light bulb

6. RECYCLE: Don’t just say it – Make it easy.

Recycle bin at the office
Set up easy to access recycling bins all over the office, rather than 1-2 isolated bins.

7. Cut down on plastic consumption by using a water cooler instead of water bottles

Water gallon

8. Recycle or donate old computer equipment and cellphones

Recycle old cell phones and electronics
Don’t throw away old electronics! Collect them at your office and recycle instead.

9. Unplug unused electronics before heading out of the office

Unplugging electronic devices before leaving work

10. Turn off the lights when you leave the room and use daylight instead of light bulbs

Save energy by using daylight at the office

Don’t forget to inspire others: share your Earth Day experience with your employees, clients and suppliers through a newsletter or social media!

Implement these 10 easy steps to prepare for Earth Day at the office. It can be as easy as turning off the lights or printing double sided. Change comes in small steps! 

How are you celebrating Earth Day at the office this year?

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