How to create a custom safety sign catalog

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Safety signs attached to a fence on a construction site

Safety signs are an important part to any construction site and essential element in maintaining a health and safety program. From visitors, workers and area-specific signs, keeping track of all the different types of construction signs can turn into a daunting process, especially when it comes to placing orders and adding new signs to the collection. A safety sign catalog is useful to standardize operations, as it contains all corporate signs in one place. Developing a safety sign catalog can help staff place orders faster and ensure that the entire team has immediate access to view the collection. Maintaining the catalog is easy too since outdated or redundant signs can be easily removed or replaced with new ones. Below we’ve included some useful information on how to get started with developing your custom safety sign catalog.


The most important aspect in creating a safety sign catalog is branding. Fonts, corporate colours and logos must be standardized to ensure that the catalog has a consistent look. Every sign in the catalog must be branded consistently using the same colours and fonts. This will not only help in achieving a cohesive catalog, but also a professional construction site.


To make sure the catalog is easy and quick to browse, safety signs can be classified in different types of categories. Here, it all depends on your construction sites and projects, as each classification system will be unique to your company. Signs can be classified by type of sign (cranes, danger signs, hoists, etc.), reflective or non-reflective, site-specific or standard signs, visitors or workers, etc. Signs can also have a unique identifying code to ensure that orders can be placed quickly and efficiently.


Safety signs may come in digital, print or both versions, depending on your needs. Online versions can be used to reduce the amount of printed paper, while printed versions are a good option when staff is more comfortable with browsing through the pages of a catalog.

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