Common Construction Site Conditions that Warrant Reflective Safety Signage

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Reflective construction safety signage

Reflective signs play an important role in construction site safety.  They help ensure that even in dark conditions workers, visitors and passersby are warned of safety hazards and can act accordingly.


Most people will be familiar with reflective signs through night-time driving when they are used to warn of bends in the road, railway crossings, and other potential dangers. Reflective signs provide an economical and convenient construction safety signage solution because they don’t need electricity to illuminate them, are relatively easy to install and maintain, and are highly effective.  Their special components simply reflect light back to the source of illumination — for example, a vehicle’s headlights — transforming them from barely noticeable in the darkness to exceptionally bright.


Most construction sites need some amount of reflective signs among their construction safety signage collection.  To create reflective signs, we use a special reflective vinyl which can be applied to any sign material, including aluminum and Coroplast®. To help you assess your site’s requirements we have provided a list of the most common situations:

  • At the entry and exit of building or road construction sites — especially important if night-time work is being undertaken
  • Exposed electrical wires
  • Open pits and trenches
  • Bumpy paths and roadways, potholes, etc.
  • Sharp bends in the road or the need for a sudden stop
  • Roadway intersections
  • Areas where vehicles may frequently reverse
  • Concealed entrances/exits
  • Low overhead clearance
  • Remote and rural areas that have little or no street lighting

At Arteest Signs, we understand that every site has unique construction safety signage needs and we look forward to assisting you.  You can choose from our catalogue of commonly used safety signs or, if you wish, we can work with you to create custom reflective safety signs for your specific circumstances, including branded safety signs.  Our team of experts is ready to help. To get started, email us at