Common car wrap advertising mistakes

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Car wrap with blue and white graphics with Salumatics branding

Car wraps are an investment into your company’s brand.  Despite the effectiveness of this form of advertising, the power of car wraps can be diminished when owners overlook certain maintenance or design aspects. Throughout the years, we noticed a few common mistakes that can be easily prevented to ensure the success of your new car wrap. Are you making any of them?

Not cleaning the car

One of the most common mistakes we see are beautifully wrapped vehicles that are not cleaned properly. Consider that you are investing a considerable amount of marketing budget into your new graphic. Allowing dust or debris to accumulate can make your new vehicle look unprofessional. To avoid this common mistake, we recommend cleaning your car on a regular basis. Here are a few car wrap maintenance tips.

Poor graphic design of the wrap

Another common mistake is directly related to graphic design. For example, if you are passing or driving by the vehicle and you cannot easily identify the company logo or name, then reconsider your artwork. Professional car wrap design should avoid small fonts that are hard to read, washed out colours or insufficient use of negative space. For graphic design best practices, read our article on car wrap design tips.

Contact information

Your viewers will only have less than 10 seconds on average to read your graphic. Does your car wrap include contact information that is easy to identify? In most cases, you only need your name and website. In the era of Google, potential customers can simply search for your company online and call you from the click of a button.

Are you making any of these car wrap advertising mistakes? Working with a professional car wrap supplier can help prevent any maintenance or design mistakes down the road. If you would like to learn more about car wraps, our team would be delighted to assist you and answer any questions. Send us an email at to get started.