Client spotlight: UTS Tree Care

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UTS Tree Care

About UTS

Founded in 1981, Uxbridge Tree Service (UTS) Tree Care is a team of experienced arborists that specialize in tree care, storm damage and emergency-related inquiries in the York and Durham Regions. UTS Tree Care has an extensive client portfolio consisting of federal, provincial, regional and municipal governments, property managers, utility owners and many more.

Marketing goal

UTS Tree Care was looking to create brand awareness in the highly competitive market of tree services. While the existing logo had served its purpose well for many years, the UTS team decided it was time to refresh the brand to reflect a modern vision. UTS’ business grew quickly over the years and expanded its coverage beyond the town of Uxbridge to York and Durham regions. UTS was challenged by the geographically restrictive name (Uxbridge). The marketing goal was to create a recognizable brand to reflect UTS’s growth.

Our solution

The solution consisted of a comprehensive design approach that incorporated multiple components:

  • Logo redesign
  • Fleet graphics design
  • Business cards and letterhead design

The new colour palette looked modern and also fulfilled safety standards. As the UTS team is frequently working during severe weather conditions or at night time, the bright orange colour helps to increase visibility. The new design also had to be easily transferrable to fleet graphics and other safety materials. The dark green colour was selected to represent nature and trees, which are at the centre of UTS’s business. The wave was added on the car wraps to grab attention by resembling a dynamic motion, and the new logo was placed on a white surface to stand out. Uxbridge Tree Service was renamed UTS Tree Care, to place less emphasis on Uxbridge and focus instead on tree care and servicing.

The outcome

Uxbridge Tree Service is now known as UTS Tree Care, a modern tree service company with extensive service in York and Durham Regions. The fleet of 14 trucks was wrapped in vibrant orange and green graphics that were designed to stand out from the competition. Matching business cards and letterhead were also designed to complete the new professional look.

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