A Quick Guide to Construction Sign Fonts

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A Quick Guide to Construction Sign Fonts

Construction signs provide an important platform for communication. Whether the focus is on safety, advertising, directions, or something else, it’s important they can be easily understood. One of the best ways to ensure text is clear, is to use a simple font that’s easy to read close-up and from afar.  Here are a few tips to help you select fonts for your construction site signage.


The most simple fonts are sans serif. “Sans”, from the French without, means  simply, without serif.  A serif is the tiny, decorative detail at the top and bottom of some letters. Generally, a sans serif font is easier to read on signs than a serif font, especially when the text must be seen from a distance, such as when it’s on a crane, or on top of a building.


Here are some examples of serif and sans serif fonts:

example of a serif versus sans serif font

Do you notice the serif in Times New Roman?   Do you also see how Arial is so much larger than Times New Roman, even though the point size of both fonts is the same?


While sans serif fonts work better in construction signage, serif fonts do serve a purpose. Historically, serif fonts have been used for long passages of text, like those found in books to this day, as studies show that serifs help the eye move more easily from word to word and help with comprehension.  In signage though, where text is usually limited to just a few words, a sans serif font works best.

However, not all sans serifs are equal when it comes to readability. Here’s an example of a sans serif font that looks a bit like handwriting:

Examples of construction sign fonts

When thinking about signage fonts, a good place to start is to familiarize yourself with what’s available. There are a lot more to choose from than those that come as standard with your PC or phone. Also, think about how well your text will stand out from the background. Strong contrasts like black text on a white background, work best, in general.  Finally, don’t forget to consider the amount of space surrounding your text; ensure there’s enough so your text does not seem cramped.

Selecting a font can seem daunting but Arteest can help! Our team of experts can advise on all aspects of your construction signage needs. Whether it’s safety signage, hoarding printing, custom construction signs, crane advertising, mesh banners, vinyl banners, Greenloc panels, or more — we make the process easy and worry-free.  For more information about signage readability click here.  Connect with us at 905.857.1366.