5 Tips For Auditing Your Construction Safety Signage in 2021

Arteest Signs Ltd.Construction Safety Signage

Construction safety signage is essential to protecting workers, visitors, and the general public from harm.  To avoid unnecessary risk, missing or damaged signs should be replaced promptly and an audit of your safety signs should be conducted at least once a year and after episodes of severe weather.

Follow these 5 tips to ensure your safety sign portfolio is up-to-date and effective:

  1. Visibility — can all of your safety signs be clearly seen throughout the entire site? Are any missing? Have any become obscured by machinery or new construction?
  2. Appearance — are any signs faded, dirty, or damaged? Have they been tagged with graffiti?
  3. Branding — is your brand consistently conveyed throughout the site? Have your logo or other components of your corporate visual identity been updated and your signage left behind? Your brand is a valuable asset so it’s important to display it correctly.
  4. Current — have new dangers materialized that should be identified since the last time you conducted an audit or installed signs? These include open pits, low clearance, sharp bends, and reversing vehicles. Perhaps, as construction has progressed, some signs are no longer needed and could be removed.
  5. COVID-19 — the situation is ever-evolving. Does your site include COVID-19 messaging that adheres to the latest regulations? Do those signs appear in all the right places?

Once your audit is complete let us know how we can help you maintain your construction safety sign program.

Arteest can develop custom construction signs to suit every situation including reflective safety signs, branded safety signs, and signs that are resistant to graffiti. You can choose from Coroplast® or aluminum safety signage —  and we can help you decide what’s best for you.

Working with Arteest makes creating construction safety signage quick and simple.  Our team of experts can work with your artwork or develop art work for you. Connect with us at info@arteest.ca to get started.