3 graphic design tips for your next crane banner

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Black crane banner on tower of crane with CollecDev branding

The design of your crane banners can make a drastic difference in the look and feel of your sign. High quality design will get noticed more often and leave a lasting impression on your customers. When it come to graphic design, we recommend working with experienced professionals in outdoor signage. Here are 3 graphic design tips for your next crane banner.

Tip 1: Colour

Choosing a colour palette that is appropriate for outdoor signage is extremely important. Consider bold colours that can be easily identified from great distances and avoid pastels that will wash out the vibrance of your crane banner.

Tip 2: Logo

If you are considering placing your logo on the banner, make sure that you have a high-resolution file to provide to your graphic design team. Printing on crane banners typically requires high definition graphics for the highest quality results. Otherwise, your new sign may end up looking pixelated.

Tip 3: Font

The font that you choose has a direct impact on the readability of the crane banner. For best results, choose a bold font and try to avoid thin italic letters.

Crane banners are a powerful marketing tool. Use these three graphic design tips to make sure your sign can be seen from great distances and remembered by your customers. At Arteest Signs, we specialize in crane banner design. Email us at info@arteest.ca to get your next crane sign project started.