3 Things A Site Supervisor Needs to Know About Construction Safety Signage

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3 things any site supervisor needs to know about construction safety signage

Construction safety signs are a vital part of any construction site. They help ensure that workers and visitors remain safe at all times. Safety signs are also be used to advise passersby that access to the site is restricted to authorized personnel, and advise of measures being taken to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

At Arteest, we can help you with the creation of printed graphics for all your construction safety signage needs.   Here we set out the three things a Site Supervisor needs to know about construction safety signage:

  • You have a choice of materials. Construction safety signage comes in aluminum and Coroplast®. Coroplast® safety signs can be thought of as like a  “plastic cardboard”. It’s a good choice for indoor signage and temporary outdoor signage.  It’s lightweight and resistant to snow, rain, and sunshine and can take reflective and non-reflective graphics very well.  Aluminum safety signage is stronger and more durable making it a better choice for outdoor use, especially for long-term projects.  Aluminum signs have a more permanent look to them and also take graphics very well.
  • Maintenance best practices Coroplast® safety signs can be easily maintained. A simple wipe down is all that’s required to keep them clean.  Store at room temperature and avoid placing heavy items on top of them which may cause items to bend.  Aluminum safety signs can be stacked and stored for a very long time without significant rusting. They may be wiped down with a cloth and are sturdy enough to be hosed down if necessary. Check out the following links for how to maintain coroplast signs and how to maintain aluminum signs.
  • A Custom Safety Sign Catalog Can Keep You Organized. Keeping track of all the various safety signs you need can be overwhelming. A safety sign catalog ensures you have all the information you need in one place. This may include branding, classification and distribution information.  A safety sign catalog can help you place orders faster and ensure the entire team has immediate access to view the collection. For more about the advantages of a custom safety signage catalog and how to set one up, click here.

At Arteest Signs, we can help you develop a custom sign catalog that’s perfect for your business. To start your project, email us at info@arteest.ca