How to Brand Your Construction Signs

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How to brand construction signs

Branded signs make a construction site look professional, unified, and orderly. At Arteest, we can make custom branded signs to your exact specifications to showcase your company in the best possible light.

A company’s brand identity comprises the visible elements of its brand, such as its colours, fonts, and logo.  It is a valuable part of a company’s persona and care should be taken to ensure it appears correctly in all applications, including on construction signage.

If you’re not sure how to incorporate your company’s brand identity into your construction signage, Arteest can guide you through each step.  Below is an overview of the key considerations.


  • Consistency — ensure your logo, font, and brand colours appear exactly as intended. We can work with your artwork, or create artwork for you. Many larger organizations have a brand identity manual that sets out specifications such as Pantone colours to ensure the right shade is used. (Pantone is a universally accepted colour standard.)
  • Colour vs. monochrome — if signage will be printed in black and white, but you have colour(s) in your logo, you will need to know how it should be adapted. Again, this may be found in a brand identity manual, or your Marketing or Brand Department might be able to help you. If you don’t have this kind of in-house guidance, our expert graphic artists can suggest how to adapt your logo in such a way that its integrity is retained.
  • Orientation — some logos are intended to appear in portrait orientation, some in landscape; be sure you understand which it is for your logo, or if it may be displayed both ways. The logo orientation can be adapted depending on the size of the sign and where it is installed. For example, a mesh banner placed on the tower of the crane will require a logo in portrait format for best results.


  • Bold colours —  if you have choices when it comes to colour, choose rich, bold hues on a contrasting background, and avoid light colours and pastels.  Bold colours stand out more, especially when viewed from a distance and they are also more resistant to fading in the sunlight.
  • Simple, block fonts — if possible, choose a sans serif font which is easier to read on signs than a serif font. Always go with a crisp, simple block-type font, rather than anything decorative or script-like. For more about signage readability, see our article here.

Whatever your requirements, from branded safety signs to vinyl or mesh banners, Arteest can print custom construction signs to suit every need.  As an added convenience, we can create a custom sign catalogue for your company, available digitally or in print, to make ordering repeats of your branded signs quick and simple.  Contact us at to find out more.