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Go 360 geo fencing location based marketing application

What is location based marketing?

Location based marketing is the ability to market to users based on their exact location at any moment in time.

Our Approach

What we do

We create and manage sophisticated mobile campaigns that help you interact with customers in a personalized and highly targeted way.
Whether your goal is to drive sales, increase brand awareness, build loyalty or create new revenue streams, Arteest Marketing can help you design a mobile campaign to meet your needs.

Our objectives

  • 1 introductory meeting/ questionnaire review/ help picking the right package: 2 h
  • 1 strategy presentation meeting: 1 h
  • Monthly performance review: 30 min/ month

Add-On Services (quote based):

  • Reduce Your Media Costs
  • Help Manage Your Budget
  • Facilitate Your Growth
  • Develop Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Develop Your Program/Campaign
  • Acquire More Customers for You
  • Measure & Evaluate and Report Results

Go 360 is available on:

For more details regarding Go360, contact at us here.