Essential Construction Signage for Any Site

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Essential Construction Signs for Any Site

Whatever the nature or size of the development, your site is going to need construction signage.  Here is an overview of the most commonly used signs, their purpose, and their typical location:

At the Site Entrance

  • Basic Site Information — this includes the site address, its hours of operation, and the developer’s name and contact information. The need for personal protection equipment (PPE) should also be stated via signage at the entrance to the site.
  • Visitor and Worker Instructions — to avoid accidents, visitors must know where to report upon arrival so they may be escorted safely around the site. Also, workers arriving for their first day on the job will need to know where to sign in and receive their safety orientation.
  • Parking Locations — employees, contractors, and visitors will need to know where they are permitted to park their vehicle.

All Hazardous Areas

  • Construction sites contain many potential hazards that should be clearly identified by reflective safety signage which is also visible in the dark.
  • Reflective signs do not require a power supply to be illuminated and are usually placed by open pits and trenches, sharp bends, areas with heavy vehicular traffic, concealed entrances/exits, sudden stops, low clearances, and roadway intersections. More about reflective safety signage can be found here.

Throughout the Site

  • Washrooms — this is directional signage advising of the location of the site’s portable washrooms.
  • First Aid — these signs help ensure that in a medical emergency people know where to go on-site to get help quickly. This includes the location of emergency eyewash stations which should also be identified with appropriate signage.
  • No Smoking — smoking or vaping on a construction site can cause fires and explosions. These signs should be placed at the entrance to the site and various points throughout as reminders.

Getting started with construction signage is easy with Arteest Signs. We can print custom construction signs, including branded signs, using your artwork, or we can create artwork for you. We can also help you decide which material best suits your needs. You can select from aluminum or Coroplast®, and we can make any sign reflective.  To learn more about aluminum and Coroplast® signage, see our article here.  Our team of experts is ready to assist you, just email us at to connect.