Best Practices for Printing on Construction Hoarding

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Best practices for printing on construction hoarding

The hoarding that encloses a construction site serves several purposes including providing:

  • a physical barrier between the site and the public to help ensure that only authorized personnel and visitors enter
  • a surface to display important safety instructions, and information about the development and developer
  • a blank canvass to showcase public art
  • space for advertisements that promote the finished product.


Public Art By-Laws

Many cities have public art by-laws through which developers can transform their blank construction hoarding into something interesting and beautiful. To participate, a certain percentage of the site’s hoarding must be dedicated to hosting public art.  For example, the City of Toronto has a by-law that requires developers to cover  50 per cent of their hoarding with community art if it’s on part of the public right of way.  When printing on hoarding, we recommend thoroughly researching your City’s hoarding by-law to ensure compliance. Over the years, construction site hoarding has contributed significantly to the beautification of neighbourhoods and provided local artists with valuable exposure.


Hoarding Advertising

Hoarding also provides the perfect place for advertisements.  Condominium developments, for example, make good use of hoarding advertising by displaying striking images of the finished project and the desirable lifestyle it promises.


When you are considering hoarding printing, there are a few important things to consider for best results:


  • Artwork should be provided in a high enough resolution for photographs, text, and graphics, to appear crisp and clear in a large-scale format. If you don’t have artwork, our team of graphic artists can prepare it for you and will revise the proofs until you are satisfied with the results.


  • We recommend printing on 3M™ vinyl because 3M™ provides a higher quality result than competing materials, and it is more resilient. Your hoarding graphics will be outdoors in all weather and all seasons. Sun exposure and street salt can fade and damage cheaper materials, ruining their effectiveness, and necessitating replacement.


  • Construction site hoarding is a common target of graffiti writers, but if you go with our optional, anti-graffiti coating, removing it is a breeze. Should your signage be impacted, you won’t have the expense and nuisance of replacing it, because an Arteest representative will come by with a squeegee and simply wipe it off!


Whatever your construction site hoarding needs, Arteest makes it easy to get started.  Our team of experts is ready to help. Connect with us at